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What is the meaning of myspace in Hindi?

Meaning of myspace in Hindi is :

Definition of word myspace

  • One's profile on the MySpace website. (noun)
  • To contact someone using the social networking site MySpace. (verb)

Examples of word myspace

  • You know, August 22nd a year ago, Ben Bernanke came out with what I called his myspace speech.
  • We met Kimbra Hickey, the hand model from the Twilight cover, her myspace is www. myspace.com/kimbranyc.
  • Over here in Germany myspace is the website to build a community if you are a band or musician.
  • For individuals myspace is only interesting with regard to bands and music.
  • Monday, May 4 2009 have you spoken to any teenagers about this lately? myspace is still working for them.


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