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What is the meaning of muti in Hindi?

Meaning of muti in Hindi is :

Definition of word muti

  • Traditional African medicine. (noun)

Examples of word muti

  • During questioning, Mathe told police that the substance, which he called muti, was given to him by a man from Alexandra in
  • This area has become home to Zulu herbalists selling 'muti' - a traditional African
  • African culture - veneration of ancestors, belief in witchcraft, faith in the power of magic, called muti, and the ability of prophets or sangomas to harness that power.
  • These are just two of the cases of what is termed muti killings when people are murdered and their body parts used for certain rituals.
  • Police have in the past uncovered several so-called muti murders of people killed for body parts that some traditional healers believe are essential ingredients for certain kinds of medicine.
  • Magic potions known as muti, taken internally or smeared over the body to ward off death, remain popular among Zulus before township battles of today.
  • Of course I knew that this was a common practice among the Kafirs, the claws of the lion and the leopard being either worn by them as potent amulets, or converted into muti, that is to say, medicine, which is implicitly believed by them to impart the quality of courage to the one who takes it; but I had been foolish enough to think that, having solicited me to destroy their enemy for them, they would have regarded the carcass as sacred from mutilation.
  • As far as I remember, the leader of the gang wanted to eat the prawns. which, again, if you've lived in SA... you'll know is not far off from what happens when "muti" is prescribed by witchdocters/sangomas...
  • The Inkatha Freedom (IFP) Party on Friday welcomed prison officials 'swiftness in apprehending Annanias Mathe's father, for allegedly trying to smuggle "muti" to his son.