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What is the meaning of mullein in Hindi?

Meaning of mullein in Hindi is : N/A
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Definition of word mullein

  • Any of various Eurasian plants of the genus Verbascum, especially V. thapsus, a tall plant having closely clustered yellow flowers and leaves covered with dense woolly down. Also called flannel leaf, velvet plant. (noun)

Examples of word mullein

  • There is a kind of melancholy symbolism in this flower as it withdraws from the light, which is the complete opposite of bright yellow candles of great mullein burning in the sun.
  • I laughed out loud when I saw the larger ears glued to foam and such for I had done something similar back speaking of dinosaurs! twenty years ago… I made containers for orchids and such for a gig in NY… a round ball with a water pic inserted… they became part of table arrangements for a birthday party on Park Ave. I suppose mullein leaves could be used in a similar way.
  • I like to grow some weeds in my garden – mullein being one of my favorite, but I also have some Prunella vulgaris that I got from my parents.
  • Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid no matter what the source; willow bark, mullein leaves or chemical reactor.
  • First mullein flower spikes showing, also sumac flower masses.

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