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What is the meaning of muesli in Hindi?

Meaning of muesli in Hindi is : N/A
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Definition of word muesli

  • A mixture of usually untoasted rolled oats and dried fruit, often used as a breakfast cereal. (noun)

Examples of word muesli

  • The joke, alas, was wasted on her, but it did set me to thinking what a curious term muesli is.
  • Dietitian's tip: The original breakfast cereal called muesli - a German word meaning "mixture" - combined rolled oats with nuts and fruit.
  • You then customise the base to make precisely the kind of muesli you want.
  • It's not enough to assume that if you eat the right kind of muesli and go to first nights of Harold Pinter revivals and read the Independent occasionally that the drug barons of Afghanistan are going to go away.
  • Hemp seed whole, hulled or crushed for oil are used in food products such as muesli bars, cakes, breads, biscuits, butter paste, non-dairy milk, tofu, cheese and ice cream.

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