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What is the meaning of mount in Hindi?

Meaning of mount in Hindi is : सोना चांदी में मढ़ना

Definition of word mount

  • An animal, usually a horse, used to ride on, unlike a draught horse (noun)
    एक जानवर, आमतौर पर एक घोड़ा, जो एक मसौदा घोड़े के विपरीत सवारी करता था
  • To go up; climb; ascend: to mount stairs. (verb)
    ऊपर जाना; चढ़ना; चढ़ना: सीढ़ियाँ चढ़ना।

Examples of word mount

    • And in the day time he was teaching in the temple; and at night he went out, and abode in the mount that is called _the mount_ of
    • No weapons are allowed but your mount is allowed to employ whatever naturally occurring offensive or defensive capabilities that it possesses.
    • TIMBERG: Then I went to Camp Pendleton, California, for about eight months and then I was in the Marine Corps -- what you call mount-out.
    • Having not seen any deer on this stand yet that season, I though a Martin mount would look great back at our deer camp.
    • They're stopping in with the ones that have their name out all over, the ones that think 300-500 bucks for a deer mount is reasonable.
    • A full body mount is much more impressive than a picture.