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What is the meaning of motion in Hindi?

Meaning of motion in Hindi is : स्वर संचार

Definition of word motion

  • A state of progression from one place to another; (noun)
    एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान पर जाने की अवस्था;
  • To gesture indicating a desired movement. (verb)
    एक वांछित आंदोलन का संकेत देने के लिए इशारा करना।

Examples of word motion

    • Another patent in the steam-engine series, taken out in 1784, contained, besides other methods of converting a circular or angular motion into a perpendicular or rectilineal motion, the well-known and much-admired _parallel motion_, and the application of the steam-engine to give motion to wheel-carriages for carrying persons and goods.
    • The said first Bill, in the body thereof, containeth no new matter, but is precisely the same with the motion before mentioned, and liable to all the objections which lay against the said motion, excepting the following particular, viz. that _by the motion_, actual taxation was to be suspended, so long as America should give as much as the said Parliament might think proper: whereas, _by the proposed
    • The physical refutation of the self-existence of the universe is completed by the discovery, _that all the orbs of heaven, as well as the earth, are in motion, and that an orderly and regulated motion_. [
    • His final thoughts on what he can reveal about the story – I can say that what basically starts this whole story in motion is that Son of Satan finds out from Blaze that Zadkiel is trying to kill the Anti-Christ.
    • The shots of all the balloons in motion is excellent.
    • Their commander, AJ, a trim man with a pink complexion who seems uncomfortable when not in motion, is an older version of them all.
    • For a similar reason, a collision head-on between two cars in motion is much more violent than if one of them is at rest.
    • Understanding, then, the term motion in the extended sense just explained, we shall comprehend more clearly the theory stated above.
    • Even though the motion is already filed, you still have an opportunity to find other cases before you argue it.