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What is the meaning of motherboard in Hindi?

Meaning of motherboard in Hindi is :

Definition of word motherboard

  • the primary circuit board of a personal computer, containing the circuitry for the central processing unit, keyboard, mouse and monitor, together with slots for other devices (noun)

Examples of word motherboard

  • Is there any other kind of test we can do to determine if the motherboard is non-functional (which seems rather likely at this point)?
  • Yes the ATOM motherboard is a touch less powerful than many dual and quad core processors, but when you use a Linux OS with a gig of ram the tiny ATOM will surprise you.
  • It was sad because the front audio jack for headphones also did it, thus the motherboard is flawed in design.
  • It didn’t help that I have to jumper my drives to run at SATA 1 speeds instead of SATA 2: my ASUS P4C800-E deluxe motherboard is old enough that it will not recognize a SATA 2 drive, and without a PCI-E slot there’s as far as I can tell no point in getting a new sata drive controller card.
  • It had a 2006-vintage Celeron D motherboard, which is more than fast enough for the jobs that the server has to perform.


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