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What is the meaning of mortal in Hindi?

Meaning of mortal in Hindi is : मारक

Definition of word mortal

  • A human; someone susceptible to death. (noun)
    एक मानव; किसी की मृत्यु के लिए अतिसंवेदनशील।

Examples of word mortal

  • _All men are mortal, Socrates is a man, Therefore Socrates is mortal_.
  • Cum causal regularly takes the Subjunctive; as, -- quae cum īta sint, _since this is so_; cum sīs mortālis, quae mortālia sunt, cūrā, _since you are mortal, care for what is mortal_.a. Note the phrase cum praesertim (praesertim cum), _especially since; _ as, --
  • At best, matter is only a phenomenon of mortal mind, of which evil is the highest degree; but really there is no such thing as _mortal mind_, -- though we are compelled to use the phrase in the endeavor to express the underlying thought.
  • _mortal_, from _mort_, a great quantity, is used as a particle of amplification; as _mortal tall, mortal little_.
  • Plato is mortal, "will be necessary if either Socrates or _man_ is chosen as argument, but not if Plato or _mortal_ is chosen.
  • Socrates is mortal, "is necessary if Socrates is chosen as argument, but not if _man_ or _mortal_ is chosen.
  • When I say _Socrates is mortal_, the moment _Socrates_ is incomplete; it falls forward through the _is_ which is pure movement, into the _mortal_ which is indeed bare mortal on the tongue, but for the mind is _that mortal_, the _mortal Socrates_, at last satisfactorily disposed of and told off. [
  • Now, that was lucky for me, because when the police investigated, they talked to two witnesses, who were also living at my house at the time, and the detectives decided that what had happened between Donald and me was what they called mortal combat.
  • Of that which we call mortal race Polycrates was the first; and he had great expectation of becoming ruler of Ionia and of the islands.