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What is the meaning of morphed in Hindi?

Meaning of morphed in Hindi is :

Definition of word morphed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of morph. (verb)
  • transformed (adjective)

Examples of word morphed

  • The term morphed to "retention bonus" rationalized as a necessary tactic to keep the "best and the brightest" employed, itself an odd descriptive choice for those whose division contributed to the largest financial quarterly loss in corporate history.
  • While the term 'greenhorns' was originally used to refer to the agrarians who embrace organic and sustainable farming methods, over the course of the production, the term morphed from working title and description of the subjects to become the name of a nascent agricultural advocacy organization as well as represent an entire movement.
  • After the TV show "Thriller" was cancelled, the title morphed into the long-running "Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery" see a previous post for more of these.
  • She turned her head ever so slowly, their eyes locking as his expression morphed into a hideous snarl.
  • So the term morphed into "self reliance," to show that we know we are interdependent, but are choosing to be less reliant on others.


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