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What is the meaning of moratorium in Hindi?

Meaning of moratorium in Hindi is : स्थगन

Definition of word moratorium

Examples of word moratorium

  • Rather, the idea behind such a moratorium is a simple one: one does not send in the crime scene investigators while the fire is in progress -- one sends in the fire department.
  • Greenbury says the moratorium is a welcome breather in an industry that has moved very fast for 30 years.
  • Just consider Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's recent tirade in which he called the moratorium an "economic calamity" that has jeopardized thousands of jobs.
  • Council members said the moratorium is a way to generate dialogue on violence in Los Angeles neighborhoods.
  • For his part, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has grown increasingly assertive that he will walk away from the table with the endorsement of the Arab League if the "moratorium" is not extended by October 6.
  • Oil and gas executives are steeling for a slower and more costly permitting process that could hinder drilling even after the moratorium is lifted.
  • Barak, who returned Sunday from meetings in New York with U.S. officials, told the BBC in an interview that "the chance of achieving a mutually agreed understanding about a moratorium is 50-50."