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What is the meaning of moisture in Hindi?

Meaning of moisture in Hindi is : सीलन

Definition of word moisture

  • A moderate degree of wetness. --Francis Bacon. (noun)
    नमी की एक मध्यम डिग्री। --फ़्रांसिस बेकन।

Examples of word moisture

  • A call to the Allegheny County Health Department confirms our worst fears: The source of this moisture is almost certainly raccoon saliva.
  • If the stock is warping or shifting due to changes in moisture content, it could easily affect zero.
  • The hatter would place the hat on the pin, and push this into a liquid mercury bath, purging out the moisture from the wool.
  • In parts of the lower portion of the property the moisture is constant, so there is a system of Canals and hidden tubes to drain excess rain and irrigation water.
  • Black powder is hygroscopic (draws moisture from the air).
  • As convection increases over the warmer waters of the central/eastern Pacific due to the El Nino this moisture is carried towards the US on the sub-tropical jet.
  • A fern-grass-sedge pampa covers the summit areas of the larger islands where moisture is retained in temporary pools and sphagnum moss.