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What is the meaning of modulation in Hindi?

Meaning of modulation in Hindi is : स्वर सामंजस्य

Definition of word modulation

  • The process of applying a signal to a carrier, modulating. (noun)
    एक वाहक को सिग्नल लगाने की प्रक्रिया, मॉड्यूलेट करना।

Examples of word modulation

  • Recovery Option: Emotional modulation is a skill that we learn literally in our parents arms and within our family systems.
  • I rather imagine that the neglect and perversion or repression of this modulation is due very largely to the general neglect of the proper development of the imagination and emotion in our whole educational system.
  • Another modulation is that of tone colour, the sign of imagination and emotion.
  • Astrocytes, previously thought to be unimportant in neuronal transmission, have recently been implicated in long-term modulation of neuronal synapses.
  • The positive clinical results, together with our previously published mechanisms of gene expression modulation related to key metabolic pathways in lipid metabolism, provide impetus for much larger clinical studies.
  • (One can also refine the above ansatz in a number of ways, for instance by also introducing a frequency modulation, which is particularly important in models such as the mass-critical NLS which admit a frequency modulation symmetry, but for simplicity we will not consider this more complicated situation here.)
  • LifeGen Technologies help validate the critical role gene expression modulation plays in the aging process.