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What is the meaning of modifying in Hindi?

Meaning of modifying in Hindi is :

Definition of word modifying

  • Present participle of modify. Altering. (verb)

Examples of word modifying

  • New Solicitor General Elena Kagan — appointed by President Obama and now at the start of her first full term — is likely to begin modifying some government stances.
  • Redskins coaches aren't admitting defeat in modifying Haynesworth's role, Haslett said.
  • But the real power of grabbing an RSS feed from Facebook lies in modifying and “fixing” it.
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development is reviewing how the largest banks performed in modifying loans for struggling borrowers, and civil and criminal investigators are exploring possible legal violations.
  • ` Dr. Hammerfield, 'as Ernest once said, ` has succeeded in modifying his metaphysics so as to give God's sanction to the Iron Heel, and also to include much worship of beauty and to reduce to an invisible wraith the gaseous vertebrate described by Haeckel -- the difference between Dr. Hammerfield and Dr. Ballingford being that the latter has made the God of the oligarchs a little more gaseous and a little less vertebrate.'
  • While most language can be used abusively, morally does play a role in modifying equivalency.
  • "Those who hold positions of power continue to talk about culture and electoral democracy, the shooting stars of byzantine culture, and those who are opposed seem to be devoured by the fear of not being part of the business rather than interested in modifying its mechanism," is just one sentence that should have had an editor reaching for a big blue pen.
  • Redskins coaches aren't admitting defeat in modifying Haynesworth's role, Haslett said; they're just being good coaches.
  • But he sees the wisdom in modifying ratings to add "something between an R and an NC-17 rating" and says intensely violent movies "are not for someone under 14."
  • Its success in modifying crucial parts of advanced economies was not merely the result of winning elections, though social democratic parties in government played a necessary party in achieving it.