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What is the meaning of modifies in Hindi?

Meaning of modifies in Hindi is :

Definition of word modifies

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of modify. (verb)

Examples of word modifies

  • The point of the bill and of the law it modifies is not to expatriate people who kill.
  • The problem with dropping, though, isn't that the noun it modifies is too far away.
  • Wherever the word modifies a verb or an adjective or another adverb, an adverb should be used, and wherever the word, whatever its location in the sentence, modifies a noun or pronoun, an adjective should be used.
  • The thought behind the hyphen is that “hired gun problem” is ambiguous: “hired-gun problem” demonstrates that the “hired gun” phrase modifies “problem” rather than “hired” modifying “gun problem,” i.e., ((hired gun) problem) rather than (hired (gun problem)).
  • In other words, to show that this contradiction is really a contradiction, you have to show that it is impossible for anything to be both God and man, because otherwise the reduplicative propositions 'God as God is immortal' and 'God as man is mortal' are not contradictory the reduplicative phrase modifies the predicate and prevents them from being univocal; if so, the alleged contradiction is a case of the fallacy of equivocation.
  • “If a descriptive word modifies a verb rather than a noun, then what happens?”