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What is the meaning of mixer in Hindi?

Meaning of mixer in Hindi is : सामाजिक दल

Definition of word mixer

  • Someone or something who mixes; the agent noun of mix. (noun)
  • A machine outfitted with (typically blunt) blades with which it mixes or beats ingredients in a bowl below. (noun)
  • A non-alcoholic drink (such as lemonade, Coca-Cola or fruit juice) that is added to spirits to make cocktails. (noun)
  • mixing console (noun)

Examples of word mixer

  • Set aside (whisking these while you operate the mixer is a great task for small children).
  • Yeah, I have a second mixer, which is really my main mixer, as well.
  • Cream the egg, sour cream, oil and wine together in mixer for two minutes.
  • Meanwhile, place the egg whites in mixer bowl and have the mixer ready to go.
  • Beat flour mixture into the risen sponge, then add Nutella and continue beating (a stand mixer is handy for this) until a cohesive dough forms.


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