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What is the meaning of miso in Hindi?

Meaning of miso in Hindi is :

Definition of word miso

  • a thick paste made by fermentation of soybeans; used in making soups and sauces (noun)

Examples of word miso

  • Look how this monster sits with two breaded chicken cutlets covered in miso sauce.
  • The trademark recipe that uses miso is Miso Soup and this was the very first thing I wanted to make.
  • That will help it thicken and add flavor, but miso is very salty, so we won't add salt in addition to that.
  • Just a note -- miso is pronounced with a regular "s", not anything resembling a "z".
  • (Hey! at least I know from someone who lived in Japan that miso is pronounced mee-zo with a fuzzy sz sound.)


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