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What is the meaning of miscount in Hindi?

Meaning of miscount in Hindi is : गलत गिनना

Definition of word miscount

  • To incorrectly count or add up (verb)

Examples of word miscount

  • The miscount rates were all far in excess of the accuracy rate required for voting systems by the federal Help America Vote Act HAVA.
  • Mayor Daly needs to run some more seminars on how to miscount the vote before West Virginia and Kentucky.
  • There apparently was a miscount, by the Pentagon or news organizations or both.
  • Second, I can't help but cast a somewhat skeptical eye at assertions that Obama's polling numbers are understated because they miscount/undercount the youth vote.
  • The G.A.O. concluded, quote, "Some of these concerns were reported to have caused local problems at federal elections, resulting in the loss or miscount of votes."