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What is the meaning of misconceiving in Hindi?

Meaning of misconceiving in Hindi is :

Definition of word misconceiving

  • Present participle of misconceive. (verb)
  • Having false ideas; misleading. (adjective)

Examples of word misconceiving

    • We already discussed the second form of this deluded outlook toward a transitory network as “mine,” namely misconceiving our aggregates, such as our body or womb, as something for this solid “me” to control and use as I like.
    • With far too many Americans misconceiving Planned Parenthood as both a depository for indiscriminate abortions and an enabler of premature sex, it is difficult to maintain a positive outlook for the future.
    • The problem is that by misconceiving the fundamental economic problem as “how to get to the perfectly competitive equilibrium” point instead of “how to discover what the perfectly competitive equilibrium point is,” most anti-trust enthusiasts over-estimate the potential for government action to improve matters.
    • The time between the initial misapprehension of the mind-body complex and subsequent misapprehension of I is so brief, it seems as if the consciousness misconceiving the nature of I is also observing the mental and physical aggregates, but actually it is observing just I.
    • That is again making mind into an object, like a visualization, and is based on misconceiving, either consciously or unconsciously, a duality between an observer and the event that is happening.
    • Camilla, fearing to be involved in a necessity of dancing with him, expressed herself very sorry for this step; but, again misconceiving her motive, he begged her not to mind it; saying, 'A pair of gloves here or there is no great matter.