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What is the meaning of mirth in Hindi?

Meaning of mirth in Hindi is : हुलास

Definition of word mirth

  • The emotion usually following humour and accompanied by laughter; merriment; jollity; gaiety. (noun)

Examples of word mirth

  • II. i.27 (220,2) [I was then frugal of my mirth] By breaking this speech into exclamations, the text may stand; but I once thought it must be read, If _I was_ not _then frugal of my mirth_.
  • _mirth_ it may be derived from _uaim-mir_, i.e. loud mirth, gaiety.
  • In theatre three, Cleo plays her usual part: "If we find him sad,/Say we am dancing; if in mirth, report/That we am conspicuous sick."
  • I must say that it was time well spent, my mirth is gigantic!
  • So she took her lute and made them such melody that had caused the hardest rocks to dance with glee; and they passed the night in mirth and merriment, converse and good cheer, till morn appeared with its sheen and shone, when the Caliph laid an hundred gold pieces under the prayer-carpet and all, after taking leave of Ala al-Din, went their way.
  • Hardly had he left the door than the woman went for her old lover, who returned with her and they passed the night together in mirth and merriment, while the parrot observed all.
  • Then Nasir set the trays before them and welcomed them; so they ate and drank and sat in mirth and merriment; after which the trays and the platters were removed and they washed their hands.
  • When he heard her words, his breast broadened and he laughed for joy till he showed his teeth; and they abode thus awhile in mirth and gladness and frolic.
  • They sat in mirth and good cheer till noon, when they brought them up the midday meal, all manner meats and sweetmeats of the very best; and they ate and drank costly sherbets and perfumed themselves thereafter with rose-water and scented woods.