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What is the meaning of mink in Hindi?

Meaning of mink in Hindi is : मिंक
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Definition of word mink

  • Any of various semiaquatic carnivores of the genus Mustela, especially M. vison of North America, resembling the weasel and having short ears, a pointed snout, short legs, and partly webbed toes. (noun)
  • The soft thick lustrous fur of this animal. (noun)
  • A coat, stole, or hat made of the fur of this animal. (noun)

Examples of word mink

  • Alternatively, take a cab north to Yorkville where the designer artery Bloor Street has given the stretch between Avenue Road and Yonge the nickname "mink mile".
  • It’s lime green, and although the word mink was mentioned when the transaction was made, my husband swears it’s rat.
  • A cloned dog, a Mormon in mink-lined handcuffs and a tantalising mystery (Daily Mail)
  • Animal rights activists say they have uncovered evidence of animal cruelty in Swedish mink farms, and are calling on the government to speed up moves to ban the rearing of mink for fur.
  • But when the gangsters’ wives start showing up in mink coats and driving hot pink convertibles, they become obvious targets for the police, and he flies off the handle.

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