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What is the meaning of millenary in Hindi?

Meaning of millenary in Hindi is : हजार वर्ष

Definition of word millenary

  • Of, pertaining to a thousand, especially to a thousand years (adjective)
    का, एक हजार से संबंधित, विशेष रूप से एक हजार वर्ष तक

Examples of word millenary

  • Nowhere on Dharual can one find better-crafted ships than in Covar, a truth held for more than a millenary now (though the Shokunate shows promise in their newest designs, despite Tsarniot attempts to sabotage their development).
  • A millenary confection in grey felt, glittering with rhinestones, trimmed in black grosgrain.
  • -The venerable Pipiltin says that we are open for suggestions but we wish to keep our millenary tradition alive --says the slave in a courteous tone.
  • In turn, they corrupted themselves and their servitor Goblins in order to dominate the world for another millenary.
  • In other words, the distress that we feel when noting that many priests and many bishops interpret (our) Catholic faith and (our) divine liturgy, which is the final expression of that faith, as not being in “continuity” with its millenary tradition (something which Your Holiness has explained more than once), but in open and incurable “discontinuity”.
  • This in order that these faithful may also participate in the immense treasure contained in the millenary Liturgical Tradition of the Church.
  • United States has just entered the third millenary of its own "Seven Years War" in Afghanistan and its new commander is not happy.