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What is the meaning of midsummer in Hindi?

Meaning of midsummer in Hindi is : मध्य ग्रीष्म

Definition of word midsummer

  • The period around the summer solstice; about 21st June in the northern hemisphere. (noun)
  • Happening in the middle of summer. (adjective)

Examples of word midsummer

    • The lower leaves may blackspot a little and it gets devastated by Japanese beetles in midsummer, but quickly grows out of any damage.
    • Fans arrived several hours before faceoff, just like at a Cubs game in midsummer, milling on the street until the gates opened.
    • Each heart-shaped leaf is 2 to 3 inches long and held out gracefully, for a very layered, airy look that keeps its grace and hold even in midsummer heat.
    • The "unidentified decedent," reposing in the D.C. morgue since midsummer, is stored one floor down from street level.
    • Even if the producer is just someone with extra tomatoes from their backyard, or surplus eggs from their chickens in midsummer, or an overgrown apple tree.
    • - Video of engine #1914 running in midsummer at comments
    • These “polls” were done in midsummer and seemed to be conducted whereever there was a competitive race.
    • The river has been known to get bony in midsummer, but even then you can wade-fish or pick your way downriver in an inflatable craft.
    • The local school, which reopened in late spring but was still being repaired by midsummer, is rebuilt.
    • It gets more crowded in midsummer when school is out.