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What is the meaning of midnight in Hindi?

Meaning of midnight in Hindi is : मध्यरात्री

Definition of word midnight

  • The middle of the night; 12:00 am; on a 12-hour clock, 12:00 at night; on a 24-hour clock, 00:00. (noun)
    आधी रात; सुबह 12:00; 12 घंटे की घड़ी पर, रात में 12:00 बजे; 24 घंटे की घड़ी पर, 00:00 बजे।

Examples of word midnight

  • Sneaky Pete's, 3465 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Springs, 498-8887. 9: 30 p. m.-1: 30 a.m. today and Saturday, West Coast South; 7: 30 p.m. - midnight, Dave Tecce; 7: 30 p. m.-midnight, Tuesday,
  • Saturday Night Dance Party W/DJ Gemini, Sat. $5 before midnight; DJ Menace (18 to party; 21 to drink), Sun. 10 p.m. $5; free, 21 and over; DJ Gemini, Tues. $2 cover, 10 p. m.-midnight;
  • Automatic Slims: Two-for-one drinks and a bottle of champagne to the best group of costumes until midnight; 8 p. m.-midnight; 954-678-7272.
  • But for a lot of other people the term midnight movie probably conjures up images of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" or "Eraserheads," cult classics that used to run at independent theaters the second the witching hour began.
  • Based on that, I was thinking this is a book for complete neophytes, or what I call the midnight screenwriters -- those toiling away after the kids and spouse are asleep, with no formal training at film school.
  • I thought about the lights of the city when we were out in midnight snow, and I thought about bicycles and the peacocks at the zoo.
  • Getting mugged in a "bad" neighborhood by a crack-head at midnight is one thing.
  • First off black tie is 70% etiquette (which I'd forgotten), and Tom Ford dressed him in midnight blue.
  • Aside from its deceptively appealing title and the bold color scheme of the jacket – it had all the fierce, visionary glamour of a Tidal Basin midnight escapade with Fanne Foxe.