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What is the meaning of metropolis in Hindi?

Meaning of metropolis in Hindi is : राजधानी

Definition of word metropolis

  • The mother (founding) polis (city state) of a colony, especially in the Ancient Greek/Hellenistic world. (noun)

Examples of word metropolis

  • The term metropolis comes from two Greek words meter and polis, or "mother-city."
  • "If anything could spoil his temper, it is a day in what he calls the metropolis of Philistinism."
  • Vespasian marched against "Gadara," which he calls the metropolis of
  • A second and more artificial cause of the growth of a metropolis is the residence of a monarch, the expense of a luxurious court, and the tributes of dependent provinces.
  • Julianne Moore (great as always) leads the cast as the sole sighted woman after an unnamed metropolis is gripped in a mysterious blindness epidemic.
  • Most of the time this bustling metropolis is a model for organised chaos, and our ethnic, religious and other communities mingle freely, be it in business, street sports or our many mixed families.
  • Our town has less than 10k people, nearest metropolis is over 2 hours away.
  • Reading itself, which "loomed for a Shillington child as an immense, remote, menacing, and glamorous metropolis," is a remarkably recognizable Brewer, with its depiction over the Rabbit series offering a nearly perfect rendering of the actual city's respectable past, attempts at renewal and hardscrabble present.
  • The installation moves from harrowing recordings of emergency calls at the time of the tragedy to lovely images of Beijing-born master calligrapher Gong Fagen at work; there are ghost stories, reconstructions of pre-war Shanghai movies, and flickering images of Pudong, the Shanghai district that has become China's hub of crony capitalism (one economist recently described Shanghai as "the world's most successful Potemkin metropolis" – meaning there is little behind the moneyed facade).