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What is the meaning of metals in Hindi?

Meaning of metals in Hindi is :

Definition of word metals

  • Plural form of metal. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of metal. (verb)

Examples of word metals

    • The trivalent metals, which in addition to aluminium include also iron and chromium, are sometimes called the _earth metals_.
    • That which we call metals and demi-metals and minerals.
    • I see that my blog hits are up, ad revenue has recovered and I’m getting more direct mail from bullion novices every week all indicating to me that the bull market in metals is certainly far from over.
    • One imagines from the havoc wreaked on local currencies that the retreat in metals prices (and some grains) is going to ravage the economies of places like Brazil and Argentina.
    • WASHINGTON Beef containing harmful pesticides, veterinary antibiotics and heavy metals is being sold to the public because federal agencies have failed to set limits for the contaminants or adequately test for them, a federal audit finds.
    • Both are used in electronics and jewelry and therefore the demand for these metals is collapsing.
    • Certain metals such as copper and lead leached from bearings due to biodiesel fuel in the lubricant
    • As the water is heated, it dissolves metals from the surrounding rocks.