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What is the meaning of metalling in Hindi?

Meaning of metalling in Hindi is :

Definition of word metalling

  • Present participle of metal. (verb)

Examples of word metalling

  • Little able to labor at the heavy work of masonry, carpentering, metalling, or the plough, they are necessarily intrusted with the lighter labors of the interior of the house, and, above all, with the care of children.
  • The bike is soft, it has no round metalling edges, no dark glass, no real weight.
  • It is the best ground of all, especially where the yellow or brown sands are overlaid by hard gravel, or by a natural metalling of trap and other stones.
  • These analyses should indicate whether these waste products were reused for purposes such as terracing or road metalling, or whether actual metalworking activities took place here.
  • This year's area seems to have many features in common with the 2000 area, where dense concentrations of industrial waste were found, both related to road metalling (making roads with iron slag substrata) as well as to actual metalworking activity.
  • The track we were on, unpaved and without gravel or metalling, was nonetheless flat and wide enough for a cart, and largely free of stones — which was enough to make it noteworthy — and of bracken, which made it visible against the brown hillside.
  • Nails, felt and labour metalling are subject to a deduction of one-third.
  • The terrier, he knew, had crossed the road, and there was something about this particular reach of metalling that tempted motorists to pass at the deuce of a pace.
  • He swung off into the darkness, and a minute later Anthony heard his steps upon the metalling of the London road.