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What is the meaning of metalled in Hindi?

Meaning of metalled in Hindi is : धातु आवृत

Definition of word metalled

  • Surfaced, tarred, covered in stone or crushed rock (usually tar-coated). (adjective)
    सतही, तारयुक्त, पत्थर या कुचली हुई चट्टान से ढका हुआ (आमतौर पर टार-लेपित)।
  • Simple past tense and past participle of metal. (verb)

Examples of word metalled

    • Though they are forever supplying definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary, neither appears to have looked up "metalled," both believing that a "metalled road" has something to do with metal (rather than broken stone).
    • These urban dramas and revelations prove that, at long last, Crossrail – the £16bn mainline railway linking far-flung east and west London suburbs through four miles of tunnels between Paddington and Farringdon – is finally on its metalled march.
    • The path meandered over hills, through woodland and across fields, sometimes on quite indistinct paths and occasionally on metalled road.
    • Nailtips metalled and tasting of blood, spreading gilded pages with atlickt
    • Aid can save lives, reduce hunger, deliver a medicine, a mosquito net, a meal or a metalled road.
    • There are no other metalled roads within the Park and much of the rest is only accessible by air via four airstrips built by Capuchin missionaries.
    • After all metalled roads reach out to Deepest Dagenham, as does the District Line of the London Underground System.
    • We joined the metalled road that comes directly from West Linton here and after a bit of a climb we were on the old drove road which cross the Pentlands, eventually coming out at Harperrig Reservoir.