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What is the meaning of metabolic in Hindi?

Meaning of metabolic in Hindi is : परिवर्तनशील

Definition of word metabolic

  • Of or pertaining to metamorphosis; pertaining to, or involving, change. (adjective)

Examples of word metabolic

  • Building up muscle mass is going to cause you to burn more calories and increase what we call your metabolic rate.
  • But the bad news is there's more obesity, more, what we call metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes in the population in our young people.
  • Specific interests in metabolic disorders; acute lymphoblastic leukemia and physiologic management in the ICU as a moderator of outcome from traumatic brain injury.
  • Although the schedule is individualized according to a person's prior experiences, interests and training, the usual rotations include: the Clinical Genetics service the Biochemical Genetics service, including experience in metabolic screening laboratory rotation (cytogenetics, biochemical genetics, molecular genetics) adult medical genetics at HUP prenatal Genetics at HUP
  • The nodes of these networks are usually proteins (specifically enzymes in metabolic networks), whereas the links (or edges) are their interactions with other molecules.
  • In addition to our diagnostic and treatment services, we provide training in metabolic diseases and support active research programs that have made important contributions to the field.
  • In people, similar changes in body fat and metabolic activity are known as metabolic syndrome.
  • Is the cytoplasmic loop of XcpS involved in metabolic stabilization?
  • Their story prompted the State Assembly, Senate and Governor to pass through and sign the proposed expanded newborn screening bill into law and today approximately three hundred children a year are identified with certain metabolic disorders like GA1 that are easily treatble with dietary changes.