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What is the meaning of mental in Hindi?

Meaning of mental in Hindi is : मानसिक विपथन

Definition of word mental

  • Of or relating to the mind or an intellectual process. (adjective)

Examples of word mental

  • Psychology, even so empirical a psychology as is possible of demonstration in western schools and colleges, evidences the fact that there is a far greater field of mental operation than is covered by the outer, or _mental_ consciousness.
  • Western Science, while performing a marvelous work in piling up fact after fact to support its newly-discovered theory of Evolution, in a way utterly unknown to the Oriental thinker who seeks after principles by mental concentration -- _within_ rather than without -- while actually proving by physical facts the _mental_ conceptions of the
  • They need a positive mental (Int or Wis in this case) which follows the +physical/+mental/- anything format.
  • Hearing the term mental block, she had always envisioned her barriers as just that, blocks—brightly colored and piled up in a wall between her and whatever she wanted to shut out.
  • Like many agency heads, SAMHSA Administrator Pamela Hyde has abandoned use of the term mental "illness" and avoids the term "mental health" feeling these are too limiting to their agencies newly formed expansive mission.
  • Dr. ALLEN FRANCES (Psychiatrist): Over the course of time, we've become looser and looser in applying the term mental disorder to the expectable aches and pains and sufferings of everyday life.
  • Clay Shirky used (coined?) the term mental transaction costs to describe the problem with using micropayments (small payments to download articles or music).
  • Excerpt: The term mental retardation was supposed to be an improvement.