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What is the meaning of menstrual in Hindi?

Meaning of menstrual in Hindi is : माहवारी

Definition of word menstrual

  • Of or relating to the menses. (adjective)

Examples of word menstrual

  • A female interrogator smeared what she described as menstrual blood -- it was fake -- on a prisoner.
  • Every day in my office, I see at least one girl who fits the definition of menstrual disturbance, said Dr. Smith, who defined that condition as six or fewer periods a year.
  • On one hand, if I become deeply disabled, I trust that my family will do right by me (lucky for me, I do have a family that I can trust here) and will make difficult decisions with my best care in mind (and damnit, they better stop my periods by hook or crook - they cause the most miserable moment of my existence, I have already medically stopped them by conscious choice, and I will come back and haunt from the grave anyone who decides that in order to be a real live comatose woman, I need no brain function but I do need to go back to suffering the week-long monthly evisceration I call my menstrual cycle).
  • “When women hear the word menstrual, they tend to think cramps and discomfort,” says our resident (female) PhD of the hour, quoted in the magazine.
  • Researchers have also found that most women are acutely aware of even the slightest change in their cycle, and can often accurately recall menstrual events from years before, especially if they occurred during a major life event.
  • UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's called a menstrual cycle.
  • This flow of blood continues for about five days, and is known as a menstrual flow; and this time in a woman's life is known as the menstrual period.
  • If in a certain time, which represents its vitality, the ovule is not impregnated, it dies, and thus causes congestion and disintegration of the menstrual decidua; that is, the menstrual flow.
  • In the first appropriate fold of the uterine mucous membrans (generally near the mouth of the tube), the ovule is imbedded, and causes by its presence a swelling of the mucous membrane; that is, the menstrual decidua.