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What is the meaning of melamine in Hindi?

Meaning of melamine in Hindi is : मेलएमीन

Definition of word melamine

  • a strong aromatic heterocyclic base, tri-amino-triazine, used, in combination with formaldehyde to manufacture melamine resins such as Formicaâ„¢ (noun)

Examples of word melamine

  • Often, the term melamine is used both for the chemical substance as well as the plastic endproducts that contain the substance.
  • Be careful Del, if it comes from wallyworld it may (likely) contain melamine and/or lead, for reasons unknown to me.
  • Then the focus quickly shifted to a chemical called melamine, which is used primarily in the making of plastics.
  • The pet food was largely poisoned by a chemical reaction which included a product called melamine, which is used in fertilizer and plastics, mixed with wheat glutin.
  • An investigation showed that some milk suppliers were adding the industrial chemical melamine, which is used to make plastic, to their milk production to make it appear higher in protein.


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