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What is the meaning of medecine in Hindi?

Meaning of medecine in Hindi is :

Definition of word medecine

  • Common misspelling of medicine. (noun)

Examples of word medecine

  • Many children die every year because their parents believe that modern medecine is the tool of the devil and refuse their children the most basic of medicine.
  • Wake up everybody listen to Claudia: Do not take any medecine unless you know what you have.
  • The Mayas are famous for their medecine so think how many they would have if it were not for all the teas and herbs they are taking ...
  • Some people can be asymptomatic and others get very ill it depends on your system not on some folk medecine.
  • I met a fascinating old lady in Chiapas who was writing about Maya medecine and had studied and written a thesis about the Danza de la Pluma.


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