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What is the meaning of measurement in Hindi?

Meaning of measurement in Hindi is : लम्बाई

Definition of word measurement

  • The act of measuring. (noun)
    मापने की क्रिया।

Examples of word measurement

  • It treats of the measurement of surfaces, and is therefore applied in the _measurement_ of _land_.
  • ˜measurement™, prefer to understand (*) as a property ascription: “the system has a certain categorical property, which corresponds to the observable A having, independently of any measurement, a value in the set B”.
  • Gigot: And that means, I think, from what I 've heard you say in the past, that teacher measurement is absolutely crucial.
  • John Ziesel, a San Diego-based neuroscientist at the Salk Institute, meanwhile, is researching what he refers to as measurement-based design, which shows how spaces can shape our behavior.
  • "This measurement is a very important step towards the goal of really understanding how tunnelling happens," Krausz told New Scientist.
  • I do think though that the measurement is a little unfair to extrapolate much more than that.
  • But with respect to getting our troops out, the measurement is the stability of Iraq.