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What is the meaning of measure in Hindi?

Meaning of measure in Hindi is : सीमा

Definition of word measure

  • The quantity, size, weight, distance or capacity of a substance compared to a designated standard. (noun)
  • An (unspecified) quantity or capacity : (noun)
  • The precise designated distance between two objects or points. (noun)
  • The act of measuring. (noun)
  • A musical designation consisting of all notes and or rests delineated by two vertical bars; an equal and regular division of the whole of a composition. (noun)
  • A rule, ruler or measuring stick. (noun)
  • A tactic, strategy or piece of legislation. (noun)
  • A function that assigns a non-negative number to a given set following the mathematical nature that is common among length, volume, probability and the like. (noun)
  • An indicator; Something used to assess some property. (noun)
  • To ascertain the quantity of a unit of material via calculated comparison with respect to a standard. (verb)
  • To estimate the unit size of something. (verb)
  • To obtain or set apart; to mark in even increments. (verb)
  • To traverse, cross, pass along; to travel over. (verb)

Examples of word measure

  • It is interesting to find that when "measured music" was finally inaugurated there were at first but two measure-signatures, viz. -- the circle, standing for three-beat measure (the so-called _perfect measure_) and the semi-circle (or broken circle) which indicated two-beat measure.
  • Because I had so earnestly advocated Emancipation as a war measure at a time when even the most fiery and advanced Abolition papers, such as the _Tribune_, were holding back and shouting _pas trop de zele_ -- and as it proved wisely, by advocating it publicly -- _merely as a war measure_ -- the President, at the request of George H. Boker, actually signed for me fifty duplicate very handsome copies of the Proclamation of
  • IV. vii.3 (461,1) every measure fail me] All good which I shall allot thee, or _measure out_ to thee, will be scanty.
  • He says that the short-term measure is necessary because of unfair coverage of his government.
  • Ricketts disagreed with the suggestion that the measure is an attempt to purge moderate voices from the GOP.


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