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What is the meaning of mate in Hindi?

Meaning of mate in Hindi is : साथीना

Definition of word mate

  • a fellow, comrade, colleague, partner or someone with whom something is shared, e.g. shipmate, classmate (noun)
  • a breeding partner (noun)
  • a friend, usually of the same sex (noun)
  • a colloquial "sir"; an informal and friendly term of address to a stranger, usually male (noun)
  • In naval ranks, a non-commissioned officer or his subordinate (e.g. Boatswain's Mate, Gunner's Mate, Sailmaker's Mate, etc). (noun)
  • Short for first mate. (noun)
  • A technical assistant in certain trades (e.g. gasfitter's mate, plumber's mate); sometimes an apprentice. (noun)
  • The other member of a matched pair of objects. (noun)
  • A ship's officer, subordinate to the master on a commercial ship. (noun)
  • To match, fit together without space between. (verb)
  • To copulate. (verb)
  • To pair in order to raise offspring (verb)
  • To arrange in matched pairs. (verb)
  • To introduce (animals) together for the purpose of breeding. (verb)
  • To fit (objects) together without space between. (verb)
  • Short for checkmate. (noun)
  • To win a game of chess by putting the opponent in checkmate (verb)
  • Nonstandard spelling of maté, an aromatic tea-like drink prepared from the holly yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis). (noun)
  • The abovementioned plant; the leaves and shoots used for the tea (noun)

Examples of word mate

  • He is also, ex-officio, the wit of the crew; for the captain does not condescend to joke with the men, and the second mate no one cares for; so that when “the mate” thinks fit to entertain “the people” with a coarse joke or a little practical wit, every one feels bound to laugh.
  • A bushman may have many mates in his roving, but there is always one his mate, "my mate;" and it is common to hear a bushman, who is, in every way, a true mate to the man he happens to be travelling with, speak of _his mate's mate_ -- "Jack's mate" -- who might be in Klondyke or South Africa.
  • The R&B star gives propes to his label mate Kanye West ...
  • Charles moved to Imperial Records in 1958; his label mate Domino registered a No. 6 pop single with "Walking to New Orleans" two years later.
  • He also speaks on his label mate Nicki Minaj and how she impresses him with her witty verses.


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