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What is the meaning of mass in Hindi?

Meaning of mass in Hindi is : समूह

Definition of word mass

  • The Eucharist, now especially in Roman Catholicism. (noun)
    यूचरिस्ट, अब विशेष रूप से रोमन कैथोलिक धर्म में।
  • To celebrate mass. (verb)
    मास मनाने के लिए।
  • Involving a mass of things; cencerning a large quantity or number. (adjective)
    चीजों का एक द्रव्यमान शामिल करना; बड़ी मात्रा या संख्या के बारे में।

Examples of word mass

  • (Force) = (inertial mass) × (acceleration), where the “inertial mass” is a characteristic constant of the accelerated body.
  • (Force) = (gravitational mass) × (intensity of the gravitational field), where the “gravitational mass” is likewise a characteristic constant for the body.
  • The epiglottis is derived from the “central mass, ” and has a third arch element in its oral and upper aspect; the arch value of the “central mass” is doubtful.
  • "Finally, as your excellence wishes to know what we retain in our churches of the ceremonies of the mass, I would inform your excellence, that the mass is entirely abolished, _except when are persons present_ who wish to receive the Lord's Supper;" [Note 37] that is, we have entirely abolished private masses; at which, as it is well known, no one communed but the priest himself, but retain the _public mass_ at communion seasons.
  • Sloan would make the system Ford had pioneered complete, and it is this complete system to which the term mass production applies today.
  • What the man might mean by the priest and the hunting-mass I knew not then, but heard after, that when a noble will go forth hunting, the service which they call the mass is shortened to the utmost, and the priest that can say it more speedily than his brethren is best esteemed.
  • It actually used the term mass psychological brainwashing.
  • As for rail to the valley, we are not talking about mass transit I would avoid anyone who uses the term mass transit but a light rail service.