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What is the meaning of married in Hindi?

Meaning of married in Hindi is : N/A
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Definition of word married

  • Having a spouse: a married woman; a married man. (adjective)
  • United in matrimony: a married couple. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to the state of marriage: married bliss. (adjective)
  • Acquired through marriage: her married name. (adjective)
  • Closely connected; united. (adjective)
  • A married person: young marrieds. (noun)

Examples of word married

  • No, I am not the adopted son of lesbians, I have a biological mother who was married to my father, and I have a step-mother who was also married* to my father.
  • Mrs. Otway was coming back late to-night, and was to be married -- _married_, to-morrow morning in the Cathedral, to Major
  • CONNOTATIVE words, those that suggest more than they say, have more power than ordinary words -- "She _let_ herself be married" expresses more than "She _married_."
  • And if they decide that they love each other and want to get married, _they will get married_.
  • If it had not been for my pride and my folly, we should have been married by now -- _married_, Myra -- and far away.

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