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What is the meaning of mapped in Hindi?

Meaning of mapped in Hindi is : मानचित्रित

Definition of word mapped

  • Simple past tense and past participle of map. (verb)

Examples of word mapped

  • The place being mapped is really a complex system, and its topography, a connective network.
  • In a way, Benjamin mapped out the extraordinarily rich prerequisite for a very basic goal: knowing what you're talking about. posted by Matthew @ 2: 25 PM
  • Although some allege they are not familiar with the terms mapped out in the pact, events in recent days signal that perhaps they’d prefer not to know.
  • "One day, people will be able to have their whole genome sequenced and their gene and microRNA expression mapped, and this will become a part of their medical file," says Noam
  • NoSymbols appears when there's no keysym name mapped to keycode.


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