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What is the meaning of manners in Hindi?

Meaning of manners in Hindi is : शिष्टाचार

Definition of word manners

  • Plural form of manner. (noun)
  • Etiquette (always plural in this sense). (noun)

Examples of word manners

    • I actually think the decline in manners is more worrisome, because a lot of moral behavior is grounded in good manners.
    • The word manners comes from the Latin _manus_, the hand, and literally means the mode in which a thing is handled -- behavior, deportment.
    • She has just which I call the manners a young lady ought to have. '
    • The uniform stability of their manners is the natural consequence of the imperfection of their faculties.
    • Their language bears no affinity to the idioms of the Continent: in the habits of domestic life, they are not easily distinguished from their neighbors of France: but the most singular circumstance of their manners is their disregard of conjugal honor and of female chastity.