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What is the meaning of magnitude in Hindi?

Meaning of magnitude in Hindi is : विस्तार

Definition of word magnitude

  • The absolute or relative size, extent or importance of something. (noun)

Examples of word magnitude

  • But that quake, initially recorded at 9.0 in magnitude, was considerably larger than the latest one.
  • Why do I have this nagging feeling that the answers (assuming there are any) are going to elicit a few groans, similar in magnitude to "Abraham Lincoln was America's Joseph Stalin" or "John Wayne was gay"?
  • "The problem is just so huge in magnitude that there's no viable solution that can come out of the government to solve it," said Anthony Sanders, a finance professor at George Mason University.
  • The Mount Toba incident, although unprecedented in magnitude, was part of a broad pattern.
  • And the Post also forgot to tell its readers that the bad tax stuff is much larger in magnitude than the bad spending stuff they get rid of.
  • To give a few examples (in current $, numbers vary by source, but the order of magnitude is always the same):
  • If city officials, movers, and shakers made as few mistakes in magnitude and number as Mr. Weston did in his letter, there'd be a lot less grief in Mudville, and Adams never would have made the team.
  • Basically keep bringing back the same idea, but kick it up a few notches or so each time, either in magnitude, refinement, or emotional impact.