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What is the meaning of lurch in Hindi?

Meaning of lurch in Hindi is : झोंका

Definition of word lurch

  • A sudden or unsteady movement. (noun)
    अचानक या अस्थिर आंदोलन।
  • To make such a sudden, unsteady movement. (verb)
    ऐसा अचानक, अस्थिर आंदोलन करना।

Examples of word lurch

    • Unfortunately, the win actually still leaves Florian in the title lurch, even though it appeared he had punched his ticket before the win over Stevenson with a victory over Roger Huerta earlier this year.
    • Comparing Hillary†™ s lurch to the right (and landing in the center) is comparable to McCains†™ lurch from the center to the right.
    • Yet in such circumstances the woman who has been left in the lurch is supposed to suffer, quite apart from the damage to her affection, a sort of moral damage and disgrace from the heartlessness or fickleness of another person – the man to whom she has been engaged; and this moral damage is, I believe, taken into account in actions for breach of promise of marriage (where there is no question of seduction).
    • LA is right about "lurch" -- or at least would have been before Oct. The proposed $850B spending plan does look like a lurch.
    • Comparing Hillary’s lurch to the right (and landing in the center) is comparable to McCains’ lurch from the center to the right.
    • The lurch is a miserable place, desolate, and filled with doors and paths and roads that all lead nowhere.
    • "You think it would be unfriendly to me and my son here to leave us in what you English people call the lurch; and therefore you are depriving yourself of what would be a great pleasure as naturalists and hunters in which you would indulge if we were not here."
    • In the next instant, the great bulk of these materials were jerked back again to their original situation, by that peculiar movement, so trying to unpractised nerves, called a lurch to windward.
    • Yes | No | Report from ggmack wrote 23 weeks 5 days ago my dog got along fine with the choke collar. we needed about 10 months to get everyrthing right. now he just has a custom made nylon collar. he is a big boy. it works as a handle around the house. the pizza man still calls him "lurch" that dog always gets to the door first.