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What is the meaning of luminescence in Hindi?

Meaning of luminescence in Hindi is : संदीप्ति

Definition of word luminescence

  • Any emission of light that cannot be attributed merely to the temperature of the emitting body. (noun)

Examples of word luminescence

  • By 1978, we had achieved a general understanding of the aequorin luminescence reaction.
  • The color, light refraction and luminescence is also very important.
  • I already knew that the aequorin luminescence was caused by an intramolecular reaction that takes place in the protein molecule, which would be difficult to study.
  • The unusual combination of familiar faces, and the unnerving sight of desolate domains viewed in night-vision luminescence is perfect for enjoying as the countdown to Halloween nears.
  • This illusion of luminescence is achieved not only through the reflectivity, but through changes in the skin tone:
  • Archaeologists used a technique called luminescence dating to show when the early settlers arrived.
  • The tools were dated using optically stimulated luminescence, which is able to date the sand grains on top of the tools and determine when they were last exposed to light, explained
  • In a technique called luminescence resonance energy transfer, two proteins in a cell are labeled with differently colored, luminescent molecules that absorb light of one color and give it off as another color.