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What is the meaning of lucrative in Hindi?

Meaning of lucrative in Hindi is : लाभप्रद

Definition of word lucrative

  • producing a surplus; profitable. (adjective)
    अधिशेष उत्पादन; लाभदायक।

Examples of word lucrative

  • She tried to make a go of acting, doing voice-overs for commercials which she describes as "lucrative" but a long way from her dream of top billing.
  • Their wallets are only large enough to contain lucrative images.
  • Companies still rely strongly on outside pay consultants, and some of the same firms that advise companies on how much to give CEOs are paid even more in lucrative contracts for other services to the same companies.
  • From the NYT business page: “Banks have been able to borrow money cheaply and put it to work in lucrative ways, whether using the money to make loans at higher rates or to trade in the markets.”
  • Some technology firms have built up patent-licensing businesses — following the lead of companies like International Business Machines Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. — and use lawsuits as a tool to win lucrative settlements.
  • If they do, they won't receive the coveted UEFA license allowing those who qualify to play in lucrative continental competitions like the Champions League or the Europa League.
  • In my hometown the city council are essentially attempting the 80/20 split in lucrative city-centre areas.
  • The other is Hank Morris, Mr. Hevesi's former political adviser, who was accused by Mr. Cuomo of requiring money managers to pay Mr. Morris before they could win lucrative contracts from the New York fund, one of the nation's largest.
  • Wallström said the communities in lucrative mining areas were at a particular high risk.
  • Executives of the airline also said a modern fleet and the world's largest frequent-flier program will help the airline win lucrative business travel.