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What is the meaning of lucky in Hindi?

Meaning of lucky in Hindi is : सुदृष्ट

Definition of word lucky

  • Favoured by luck; fortunate; meeting with good success or good fortune. Said of persons. (adjective)

Examples of word lucky

  • There has been another murder committed within a few miles of this place, which has given us something to gossip about, for the committee of vigilance had the good nature, purely for our amusement I conclude, to apprehend a lucky individual (I call him _lucky_ advisedly, for he had all his expenses paid at the Humboldt, was remunerated for his lost time, enjoyed a holiday from hard work, had a sort of guard of honor composed of the most respectable men on the river, and was of more consequence for four days than ever he had been in the whole of his insignificant little life before) whom somebody fancied bore a faint resemblance to the description of the murderer.
  • I love you, Dad, I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky…
  • If Kelly heard the word lucky one more time, she decided, she would have to murder someone.
  • And in that moment the word lucky took on a whole new meaning.
  • It would be way too easy to use the word "lucky" in describing how British actor Tom Payne was cast in the new HBO hit series Luck.
  • I tell him that because of where the mass lies I avoid the word lucky, the ENTs had been able to get a piece of tissue without Harry having to undergo surgery.
  • With Brittany Snow of American Dreams as her perky assistant, who takes charge of the shoe inventory, they take on impossible clients and make ludicrous legal arguments in courtroom scenes so ham-fisted that after one case, even Harry has to admit, "That's what I call a lucky verdict — if not preposterous."