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What is the meaning of loss in Hindi?

Meaning of loss in Hindi is : हार

Definition of word loss

  • an instance of losing, such as a defeat (noun)
    हारने का एक उदाहरण, जैसे हार

Examples of word loss

  • The loss of his time was the _master's loss_, and _not_ the servant's.
  • II. iv.90 (57,2) [But in the loss of question,] The _loss_ of question I do not well understand, and should rather read,
  • I shall count my country _lost_, in the loss of the primitive _principles_, and the primitive _practices_, upon which it was at first established: but certainly one good way to save that _loss_, would be to do something, that the memory of _the great things done for us by our God_, may not be _lost_, and that the story of the circumstances attending the _foundation_ and _formation_ of this country, and of its _preservation_ hitherto, may be impartially handed unto posterity.
  • ’ and finish with the exquisite close to the loss of Proserpine, the loss‘… which cost Ceres all that pain
  • Captain Layman has served with me in three ships, and I am well acquainted with his bravery, zeal, judgment, and activity; _nor do I regret the loss of the Raven compared to the value of Captain Layman's services, which are a national loss_. [
  • The company said the loss is due to a combination of likely weak domestic business and a one-time loss from the withdrawal from its Cabin domestic clothing brand business, which posted a special loss of 3 billion yen.
  • The term loss leader is thrown about with regards supermarkets yet Wetherspoons gets not a mention for undercutting locals.
  • Following his title loss to former welterweight champion Matt Hughes, he came back to destroy Jens Pulver.