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What is the meaning of lolz in Hindi?

Meaning of lolz in Hindi is : जोर से हँसना
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Definition of word lolz

  • Used to express laughter, often in a sarcastic fashion. (interjection)

Examples of word lolz

  • Sarah Palin hacker trial provides 'lolz' courtesy of 4chan founder
  • Comic Sans must be eradicated from this earth - God, how I hate its forced matey jokiness, the typographical equivalent of using a smiley face or writing 'lolz' at the end of a sentence.
  • JVoltage Finally taught my phone the word "lolz", proudest moment all day, given that I am watching sports and debating ordering my textbooks at last
  • * On the map display, the word 'lolz' can be made out near one of the markers.
  • Twitter instantly became the everyman blogging tool because you could twitter from your phone, without even having to master the English language (i.e. i can has lolz?) and, perhaps more importantly, without having to know what XML-RPC was.

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