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What is the meaning of lock in Hindi?

Meaning of lock in Hindi is : ज़ुल्फ़

Definition of word lock

  • tuft or length of hair (noun)
  • To become fastened in place. (verb)

Examples of word lock

    • Then check to see that the callback is hit when you change any records void OnSiteMapChanged (string key, object item, CacheItemRemovedReason reason) lock (_lock) if (key = = _cacheDependencyName & & reason = =
    • Like Italian autoloaders, it has a bolt lock, and on the SA-08, the lock is a little button on the side of the trigger guard that takes some getting used to.
    • Assuming the lock is a simple warded one, it doesn't seem that it's possible to unlock this chest and leave it unlocked.
    • The bridge collapse was in what we refer to as our lock and dam number one pool.
    • DARRELL HAMMOND, ACTOR (as Al Gore): I would put it in what I call a lock box.
    • This is perhaps one of the most closely watched unemployment releases that I can remember, a big crowd inside what we call the lock-up, where reporters are brought in, given release half an hour ahead of time but kept in a locked room until precisely 8: 30, when we can report.
    • However, the lock is always a very complicated molecule of high molecular weight, a protein or a nucleic acid.
    • There is precedent for the latter approach in Swedish lock maker Assa Abloy AB's recent deal for rival Cardo AB.
    • Would you prefer a forum where what you refer to as "experience sharing" were in lock step among respondents and therefore unenlightening for the questioner?