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What is the meaning of live in Hindi?

Meaning of live in Hindi is : सुलगता हुआ

Definition of word live

  • To be alive; to have life. (verb)
    जिंदा रहने के लिए; जीवन पाने के लिए।
  • Having life; that is alive. (adjective)
    जीवन होना; कि जीवित है।
  • Of an event, as it happens; in real time; direct. (adverb)
    किसी घटना का, जैसा होता है; वास्तविक समय में; सीधे।

Examples of word live

  • The more we learn about our own body, that wonderful and beautiful house in which we live, the more we shall see, in what God thus formed from the dust of the ground, to call forth our admiration; but the body of the first man, although fashioned with such perfection in all its parts, did not _live_ until God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.
  • She sits _gracefully_; They live _happily_ and _contentedly_; we employ the verbs _sleeps, sits_, and _live_, in an active sense.
  • Their names will forever live on the lips of the people -- Their names will, on the lips of the people, forever live_.
  • We may say, for example, _I live, I am living_, or _I do live_.
  • If I can live and save money at it, you ought to be smart enough to _live_.
  • Those who live in cities, and who are always realizing self, and thinking how they think, and are while awake given up to introverting vanity, never _live_ in song.
  • Men live by the primal energies of love, faith, imagination; and happily it is not given to every one to _live_, in the pecuniary sense, by the artistic utilisation and sale of these.
  • The first passage refers to a _partial_ resurrection, inasmuch as it makes mention of those only who shall hear the voice of the Son of {37} God, and hearing shall live; whereas the other passage asserts that _all_ who are in sepulchres (_mnêmeiois_) shall hear his voice, and divides these into two classes -- those that have done good, who rise to _live_
  • If I live, sir, she will have to become the wife of Rivers; and, though I love her as my own -- as I have never loved my own -- yet she must abide the sacrifice from which, _while I live_, there is no escape.
  • She died; the censors heard the tale; and scoffed at the teller of it! and that Cornelius yet sits in the senate; those censors who approved his guilt yet live — I say _live_!