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What is the meaning of liquid in Hindi?

Meaning of liquid in Hindi is : स्वच्छ

Definition of word liquid

Examples of word liquid

  • Sept. 13/PRNewswire/-- Wellesse, the manufacturer of premium liquid dietary supplements, kicked off its fall "Discover the Liquid
  • For those of you with a "Hot Tooth" I am addicted to what I call Liquid Fire.
  • My friend Doña Martha makes a simple version which she calls Salsa Casera (literally salsa homemade); I call it Liquid Fire.
  • As soon as I saw her post about the tomato sauce she calls Liquid Summer Sun, and read how she roasted the tomatoes before she made the sauce, I smacked myself in the forehead and said "duh."
  • Tip: Use Zatarans Crab Boil in Liquid AND Powder form for more pop.


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