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What is the meaning of liqueur in Hindi?

Meaning of liqueur in Hindi is : मीठी सुगन्धित मदिरा

Definition of word liqueur

  • A flavored alcoholic beverage that is usually very sweet and contains a high percentage of alcohol. Cordials are a type of liqueur manufactured using the infusion process as opposed to the essence and distillation processes. (noun)

Examples of word liqueur

  • The flavor of the Kahlua liqueur is a natural with that of chocolate.
  • About the only thing I saw that might have raised an eyebrow was "Somebody poured cream liqueur from a flask."
  • I read that as "somebody poured cream liqueur from a flask."
  • The best damiana liqueur is made on ranches in southern Baja, but commercial brands are becoming increasingly popular and available in large liquor stores and on the Internet.
  • At the moment I love Prosecco with a bit of pear or St-Germain liqueur, just enough to give this bubbly a kick and a permanent spot in your closet.


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